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Going Green!

Overview of Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is growing at a rapid pace, and increasing numbers of businesses are being launched which attempt to commercialize renewable energy allowing more and more people to begin going green. Certain renewable energies are thriving, such as hydropower, solar power, and wind power, while others need to be perfected before they can be marketed […]
Going Green!

How Wind Power Works

Wind is a natural environmental occurrence in which air flows at varying rates throughout isolated areas or on a global scale. Since wind is a force, it can be put to use if harnessed appropriately. Wind power is not new, and has been used for thousands of years, albeit it is only recently that it […]
Going Green!

What Is Biodiesel?

If you’ve been looking into going green, then you’ve probably heard the term bio-diesel, but for those that haven’t here is a quick aside to get you up to speed!  Biodiesel is an alternative fuel that can be completely made from vegetable oil or animal fat. Unlike vegetable oil, that requires a conversion to be […]
Going Green!

How Solar Power Works

Solar power is one of the most promising forms of alternative and renewable energy and ways of going green, as the sun outputs immense amounts of energy. In fact, the energy the sun gives off in just one second could power a large nation for almost a year. If just a miniscule amount of the […]