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Going Green!

Using Water to Power Your Car

Fuel prices have become an important issue in the past year, with prices exceeding four dollars per gallon in some parts of the country. Although prices have gone down recently, it is inevitable that they will return to their higher levels. Many people cannot even afford to go to work, and are looking for options […]
Going Green!

The Future of Electric Cars

Electric cars are a promising, emerging form of transportation, as they release no emissions and do not require traditional fuel. While electric vehicles have been around for over one hundred years, they are not widespread or hugely popular due to their limitations. Currently, the majority of electric cars have low top speeds and can only […]
Going Green!

Examining The Fuel Cell

Fuel cells are getting a lot of hype about being a fantastic energy source, and in reality, they do have potential to become widely used. The cells work by consuming a fuel and an oxidant, and in the presence of a catalyzing electrolyte. In essence, they convert chemical energy to electrical energy. The most popular […]
Going Green!

Hemp: The Ideal Biofuel

With oil prices constantly rising, the need for alternative energies is becoming greater and greater. In addition to the economic costs, the stress on the environment has been excessive, and climate change is becoming a very real threat. Therefore, we need to find a solution, and fast. Biofuels are popular, but the most utilized ones […]
Going Green!

10 Great Gas Saving Tips

Here are 10 tips to help you to save money on gas and improve your car's mileage (and for those who must use a car but are still interested in going green, this will help you to use LESS of our precious fossil fuels.)