Going Green

Using the Library Instead of Buying Books

Bookworms who never let a day pass without reading a book will agree to the statement, the more books you have greater knowledge you acquire through reading. For green lovers and those people who have spent their earnest commitment and dedication to saving the environment will agree to the statement, the more books you have […]

Progression to Green Jobs Economy Must be Fast

A report released by Cornell University’s Global Labor Institute and the Worldwatch Institute states that for a significant impact to be made in the economy and the environment, the switch from a carbon-based economy to a “green” one must be speedy. If the transition is slow, then there will be too insignificant an impact on […]

Using Water to Power Your Car

Fuel prices have become an important issue in the past year, with prices exceeding four dollars per gallon in some parts of the country. Although prices have gone down recently, it is inevitable that they will return to their higher levels. Many people cannot even afford to go to work, and are looking for options […]

All About Biofuels

All About Biofuels by Justin Kander on Thu Sep 04, 2008 8:31 pm Biofuels are a promising way of reducing a country’s dependence on foreign oil and becoming more energy independent. They are the perfect example of renewable energy, as to get more biofuel, all you have to do is grow more plants, or any […]

European Union Determined to Fight Climate Change

Despite oppostion from some member nations, the European Union is intent on sticking to their climate change related goals.  The financial crisis has made it more difficult to adhere to tougher regulations, yet a leader from the country who currently holds the EU’s presidency said that the economy cannot interfere with the climate package.  Although […]