Going Green | Quick Tip: Buy Food Locally!

Quick Tip: Buy Food Locally!

Something we do not normally consider when buying food, is how much carbon footprint the foods actually have. Many of us would base the food we buy from the price, rather than any other metric (I know I certainly do!), but how many of us are actually aware of how much it costs in kg’s of CO2 for the food to be delivered to your local supermarket?

For your average Briton, nearly 13% of of their whole carbon footprint is spent on food of 10.92 tons (this includes all the necessary processes, storage and transport needed to supply the food). So that total’s 1.39 tons of CO2, for your average American you can nearly double that figure.

It is hard to imagine what amount of damage is done to the earth for each ton of Carbon Dioxide. The worst case scenario is that each ton of CO2 produces $50 worth of marginal cost.

How can you start to reduce these nasty gases, well since most of the CO2 is produce when the food is being packaged, shipped and stored, why not buy from local producers. These foods will have travelled less, probably have less fancy packaging and will not have been stored for as long as their supermarket counterparts. Unfortunately they may be slightly more expensive then your normal food, but that will depend on the actual food your buying and the season.

There are other benefits of buying local foods, like helping out local farmers. The main reason would be that the food will taste so much better! A definate plus for most people who enjoy their food!

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